Shimano Stradic CI4+ FB fishing reel review

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Shimano introduced Stradic CI4+ FB in 2016 just one year after the Stradic FK. They share lots of features like Hagane gear, Xship and Core Protect, but of course there are new ones also. If we read the details on … Continued

Shimano Stradic 2500 HG FK fishing reel review

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Stradic is a well-known name among anglers and it has earned a huge popularity. Shimano has introduced many models in the past decades, in 2015 the model called FK. The Stradic FK has a very different outlook than the models … Continued

Jigging soft plastics with offset hooks

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Soft plastics / baits are a huge family of spinning lures. They made of soft and flexible plastic which can be scented, salted or flavored and colored or painted in various ways. If we want to group them by shape … Continued

Shimano Vanquish FA fishing reel review

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Vanquish is a high-end reel from Shimano which has very light weight and lots of great features like magnesium Hagane body, core protect, micromodule gears, G Free body, Magnumlite rotor, carbon handle and many more. But these are the details … Continued

Casting spinners – what kind of lures the spinners are and how to use them

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Spinners are very simple but effective lures for any kind of predatory fish, with great history. Maybe they were more popular in the past but still catches fish and probably you can also find a few in your tackle box. … Continued

Ryobi Zauber fishing reel review

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The Zauber is a well-known reel among anglers mainly because of two reasons. The one is that it was (and it is still) a very reliable reel with good mechanical features on a moderate price and the other is that … Continued

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