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I have started fishing when I was a small child. My first memory about angling is that I was fishing for bleak with a simple stick and a small float with a hook tied on some lines. Later on, I got a glass fibre rod with a centerpin reel which was suitable to catch bigger fish also. And when I got my first spinning reel – a Shakespeare alpha X  – it was also a big step. The years have passed away but the passion is still the same. Fishing for me is like a disease which is not going to get better but you can learn how to live with it.

I have tried many different techniques but my favourites are spinning and float fishing. The Blog – Fishing tails section is where I would like to share my experiences and stories with you.

My interest is not only catching fish, I have true passion in custom rods, hand-made lures and reels. Reels were always something special for me. I was never satisfied with looking a reel just from the outside, I always wanted to know what is inside.

Reel reviews

This curiosity about the parts and the technical features used in fishing reels made me start maintenance my own reels. After several years of practicing I have seen many different reels manufactured by different brands. If you are also interested about fishing reels hope you will find some useful information in my reel reviews.

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